It has been cloudy the past two mornings, making the start of the day seem even later than it is.  As the solstice approached I began thinking about what the next quarter of the year would bring.  I like winter as a time to clean things out and make more order to my domestic world.  It is also a nice season outdoors here.  I may be ready for spring in February, but not now:

Thank the heavens
winter follows solstice.
How could we turn
to blooming
in the blink of a day?

I’m not sure “the heavens” are really the source of our season of winter, but having turned my mind to them, I reflect on this question:

Where’s Ison?  Did it melt
like Icarus” wings?  With no comet
will our days be calmer?

Christmas and New Year’s will be over too soon.  I wish everyone a happy winter (or summer for my few readers in Australia) season.