Books by Ellen Roberts Young

Paley front coverMade and Remade

Poems: WordTech Editions, 2014: 9781625490865

The poems in Made and Remade respond to William Paley’s book, Natural Theology, published in 1802.  Famous for his analogy, “suppose I had found a watch upon the ground . . . the inference we think is inevitable, that the watch must have had a maker . . . .,” the book presents Paley’s case for creation by design.  As cracks developed in a once coherent world view, we have been left with patches and pieces – the material of poetry – with which to make meaning.  The poems move in many directions, reflecting on how much has changed in 200 years

Available at http://www.wordtechweb.com/order.htm, or contact the author for a signed copy.

John Emerson Roberts: Kansas City’s “Up-to-date” Freethought Preacher.

A historical biography

Xlibris, 2011: 97814628-769

John Emerson Roberts (1853 – 1942) was a Kansas City, Missouri, success story. Arriving in 1881 as a Baptist minister, his developing ideas led him to abandon the idea of hell and become a Unitarian. Soon that became too limited for him and he decided to preach on his own as a freethinker. The local press eagerly followed his progress.  While his intellectual journey was common in his generation, Roberts was unique in creating a “Church” of freethought.  He lectured on reason and the errors of conventional religion for more than thirty years and sought to make Kansas City “a center of agnosticism” for the nation.

Available on Amazon.  Look for ERYBooks for a new, signed, quickly delivered copy for $17.99.


The Map of Longing

Finishing Line Press, 2009: 978-1-59924-472.   A chapbook of poems about loss and recovery.

Available on Amazon.  Look for ERYBooks for a new, signed, quickly delivered copy for $7.99.



Finishing Line Press, 2004: 1-932755-31-4

Domestic accidents, from spills on the stove to job loss.

Currently available only from the author, Now only $5.  Use contact page.


Ascent: Five Southwestern Women Poets is a volume put together by members of our small poetry critique group, a subset of the Desert Writers Group of Las Cruces, NM.  Five very different poets – in spite of years of critiquing each others’ work.

Published by the poets, ISBN: 978=1-4675-0334-1

Currently available only from the authors, $10.  See contact page.


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