Hong Kong Park is just one of the green spaces in the city of Hong Kong.  It is an attractive place to walk through, with walkways and constructed rocks and fountains.

Waterfall over sculpted rock

Waterfall over sculpted rock

The day we visited the Park it was full of school children accosting strangers to practice their English.  “Where do you come from?  How long have you been in Hong Kong?” they asked.  They had papers with the questions written out.  Their geography wasn’t extensive.  They didn’t understand San Francisco or California―or perhaps it was only the countries that were on their sheets.  When they heard “U.S.A.” they beamed.100_1061

The regular part of the park is overshadowed by the aviary, a quite large screened area where the ground dips down and a walkway takes the visitor through at the level of the trees where birds are happiest.  There were many varieties of birds to see in the aviary, but most of them avoided my camera.  One group was particularly unafraid of humans.100_1063

Another brightly colored bird was too busy eating, on a feeder hung right at the visitor’s eye level, to care who saw him.100_1065

The aviary included some unusual trees, such as this one which grows fruit on its trunk.  (It’s those small green buds.  I don’t know what they look like when ripe.)fruit on trunk

For the visitor to Hong Kong, this park should not be missed.100_1062