More or less across the street from Hong Kong Park is the Botanical Garden and Zoo.  The gibbons and lemurs in the zoo provided some entertainment, but my camera wasn’t up to catching them in the distance and the shade, so here I focus on the flora rather than the fauna.  I enjoyed the color but didn’t try to learn the names.  After all, none of these will grow where I live, 10 degrees latitude north and 4000 feet higher above sea level.



An interesting aspect of Hong Kong is the way they cope with the steep slopes.  Here is an example of one such area, concrete holding the dirt in place except for small circles for plants to grow out of.  These slopes are identified by a numbering system so that problems can be tracked and corrected.slope garden

In another part of the garden, this tree seemed almost to have posed for me:


The botanical garden has many different sections, one of which is a bamboo garden.


Here are a few more flowers from another park in the city.