When I visit San Diego I am always amazed at the plantings.  I’ve assumed that the area was naturally rich in diversity and greenery.  I have been reading about Kate Sessions, called the mother of Balboa Park, and I find that she is largely responsible for the illusion that everything just grows in San Diego.  In fact, things grow well, when watered, but many of them came from elsewhere, and many of them were brought in and urged on residents by Kate Sessions, beginning at the end of the 1800s.

The Palm Canyon in Balboa Park contains many, many palms, but they didn’t just grow there; they were planted.  The fan palm came from Hawaii.fan palm

Other palms, so high I had trouble getting a picture, were brought back by Kate Sessions from Baja California.  No doubt not all of the trees in Palm Canyon date back to Ms. Sessions’ work: they grow very thickly in spots.100_0966

And other plants thrive in the shade of the palms.


We also explored the Botanical Building, filled with exotic plants which would not thrive out of doors.  I liked this odd plant best, but neglected to note its name.100_0971

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