On a recent visit to San Diego I made a visit to Balboa Park.  We had been there before for the organ concerts, but not seen the rest of it.  We didn’t see “the rest of it” this time either, but we saw a little more than we had before.  The organ shell was, of course, shut this time:


The shell is hiding here behind the curved portico, because we were headed for the palm canyon across the street.  The most impressive tree in the palm canyon area is not a palm, nor is it a strikingly tall tree, if you don’t count the long exposed roots which extend down the canyon.  Here is my attempt to give an impression of this tree:

tree top

tree trunk

tree roots




Because the tree is surrounded by others it was hard to get a long view.  These photos were taken from the stairway down into the canyon.

Those of you who have been following my previous posts will recognize that I have a fascination with roots.  Unlike my other photos these roots were not crossing a trail.  They were just there, being themselves, being admired by people like me.



Even in this well maintained park there were things growing where they “weren’t supposed to.”  This branch was particularly colorful:100_0973