Sunrise, Sunset


Laurie Smith has a stunning sunrise on his blog this week. https://laurie27wsmith.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/fire-in-the-sky-at-the-writers-room/  It makes me think about how the setting of one’s house favors either sunset or sunrise, but rarely both.  We have sunrise over the mountains here. He gets lots of sunsets.  To get the picture, he had to look back over his house.

Now and then there’s a sunset here that brings a lot of color to the clouds in the east, as in this photo I took recently.

Sunset in the East

Sunset in the East

Laurie is a better photographer than I am, and the area around his Writers Room, located somewhere in Australia, has animals as well as plants to see.  Have a look at his blog.


Not a Sunrise!

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This evening a little after five p.m. I looked up and saw an unusual amount of color in the eastern sky.  This is the direction in which I usually photograph sunrises. sunset eastWe had a neighbor in Maine who lived on a point and could measure a sunset by how far around the circle of her view there was color.  Tonight’s was nearly a 360.   There was color both north and south.

sunset northsunset south






It was as if the sun had decided to make a big splash because it had such a short work day.  Which is utter nonsense, of course.  But it was beautiful, and seemed a good omen for the new season of moving slowly into more light.   Here is the main show, a little bit south of west, seen over our roof.P1000323