Three Poems on Line

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Three of my poems have just been published on The Ravens Perch: http://theravensperch.com.

They are short, easy to read on line, and intended to amuse, as well as to hint at the complexities of life.

“Coming Apart” is about glaciers and climate change. It is a reject from 3 Elements Review.

In “Who Will Interpret,” the messenger Mercury is found wanting in helping us understand the world. I return often to the question of the uses of astrology, and never come up with any answers.

“Brothers,” is my favorite. :As a mother of two sons, I found myself picturing desire and lethargy as two small children. They begin by quarreling in front of the television. And in the morning:

Any moment now, two urgent
children will jump on my bed,
demand I take sides, choose
between wanting and not wanting.

I hold out a hand to each.

Thanks to The Ravens Perch for putting these out in the world.


Poems on Line


I have three poems in a brand new online journal, the Ibis Head Review


The three poems, “Burned” “Pulled” and “Congruent” are poems I want to include in a book manuscript which includes some very personal poems about my childhood, education and parenting.  (These three fit that later section.)

“Pulled” for example begins,

Tulips are intractable, the wedding florist
says, “They bend as they please,
don’t use them.”

The poem describes the years of a couple largely, not entirely, like my own marriage, and ends:

Fingerprints washed from door sills,
the wall reattached to the flooring, she
discovers they bend toward each other.

I have a second reason for liking this publication.  The masthead for Ibis Head Review uses the Egyptian hieroglyph of an ibis (not, fortunately, just his head).  I have a fondness for all things pertaining to ancient Egypt.

Have a look.



What’s There to Say About Coffee?


Coffee0001Quite a lot, it turns out. Kind of a Hurricane Press has just come out with a 200 page anthology on the subject. 86 writers, plus the editors, are represented. Coffee has a lot to do with daily life and relationships, and there are many ways to talk about it.

A poem of mine, “Coffee in the Cup” is included. My poem is about colors. Have you ever tried to name the color of coffee with skim milk?   I came up with “French beige,” a new term for me this past year, or “taupe.” But is either quite right? It’s a very muted, dull color, distinctly different from coffee with cream.

The anthology, titled Something’s Brewing, is available from Amazon for $8.50, which is a good price for a 200 page book. Kind of a Hurricane Press has anthologies planned to come out about every two months. Submissions for the theme “Candy” are due May 31, for “Amusement Parks” July 31. and there are more to come. Check out: http://www.kindofahurricanepress.com/ for more on submissions or about the coffee anthology.