These photos were all taken one sunny afternoon as I walked home from doing the tour of gallery openings in town. wildflowers1wildflowers2

All colors of lupines are out.  A few days ago I saw only blue ones.  I had not noticed before that the blue ones come first.wildflowers3Here’s a view of lupines on a bluff above a low tide. wildflowers4

No, that is not a dark sky, its shore and water. The picture is a little dark, however.  It turned out the battery was running low on my camera.  But I got one more nice photo before it quit.  wildflowers5With so much natural color in the world, why should anyone bother to make ugly art?




lupines blue

Lupines are one of the short-term pleasures of the Coast of Maine.  The Chamber of Commerce here held a Lupine Festival for several years.  Apparently it was not very profitable, either because it rained, as it does a lot in June, or because the lupines came too soon.  This year they are right on schedule, and no festival to greet them.

lupines white

There are still lots of people, both locals and PFAs (that’s People From Away, like me) who stop to enjoy them.  These come from a field near our house, far from the road.  Here they are for you to enjoy.

lupines pink