Two of my poems have recently appeared in public.  Aji has printed “Cosmos,” a short poem about the shrinking, darkening world of a caregiver, opposite a splendid picture of dark sky: See pages 106 and 107 of their latest issue:

Spectrum has published “The Moon Demoted” in Issue 64.  The issue theme is “Perseverance.”  “The Moon Demoted” is about calendars and time. subjects I keep coming back to.  Why do we try to measure the spinning of the round earth and moon in little boxes?  Have you noticed how many wall calendars don’t even bother to put the phases of the moon into those little squares?  Spectrum is a student run print journal out of UC Santa Barbara.

Night, whether long or short
is reduced to a bar, straight
as a sidewalk . . .

I’m pleased to have my poems in the company of many other good pieces in both publications.