The view from my desk lets me keep an eye on the yard.  When I begin work I often see small birds.  Later the doves take over.  All still seem to find good things to eat in the dried grass.

saltbush gold



The four-wing saltbush has taken on the gold of late autumn.  The chrysanthemum that somehow survives among the bushes is working hard to upstage it.






Leaves of the tall grass plant are turning purple.  At this stage it makes me think of shading done by an artist’s pencil.  big grass



The iron lily, a souvenir from Santa Fe, is strategically placed to cover a sprinkler head from an earlier life of this yard, when it was covered with grass.  When we moved in, nothing was left of that but the strings that once held the sod together.  It is by chance that it also makes a nice focal point from my window.