Was it WordPress?  Somebody has put together blog names with the owner’s address and sold the list.  I am now receiving junk mail addressed to Freethoughtandmetaphor.com.  Sometimes the . is missing.

So far it’s about banking.  I can offer my employees a business American Express card.  I surely need a Square to “accept every way your customers want to pay. ” At first I wondered if the credit card company was behind this.  But why would a banking company offer such a list to their competitors?

I don’t know how many blogs actually represent businesses.  It’s only been a small percentage of what I’ve run across.  To me this seems to be an example of corporate-thinking overreach and waste.  Even the gremlins we picture lurking in our big social systems should have more sense than this!

I know a little about buying mailing lists from working for non-profits.  Somebody made some money selling what looks like a very unproductive list.  What made the buyers gullible?  People who need business credit cards can afford real websites, not WordPress blogs.