I have a new poem on line.  It’s called “Spice Shelf” and can be found at: http://south85journal.com/issues/fall-winter-2015/poetry/spice-shelf/spiceshelf681

The poem began from a prompt: “begin with an ordinary object and see where it goes.”  Why the spice shelf came to mind, I don’t know.  When it did, I went to look at mine and had wonderful ideas about seeing the spices as dwellers in an apartment house, going in and out in yellow or green coats and keeping their passion inside.  Very little of this remained in the final poem as mundane but important matters of flavoring and feeding took over.  Spices offer a wonderful opportunity for naming colors.

South 85 Journal does a very elegant presentation of the few poems they choose for each “issue” on line.  I’m pleased to be among them.