Between my readings “up north” and working on distributing the journal, I’ve fallen way behind on blog posts.

Yesterday I spent over half an hour figuring out how to get the cover of the new issue of Sin Fronteras onto the sidebar at  Putting it inside this post should be easier.cover 190001My reading in Santa Fe was held at op.cit. books, which is in an interesting neighborhood, near the train depot.trains

I was greeted by a glorious blooming tree.P1000437The bookstore is relatively new.  The owner moved to Santa Fe when she lost her lease in San Francisco.  She has not wasted money on appearances, identifying the store only by paper notices in the windows.P1000438Inside, of course, the books dominate.  Several nice people came to my reading and some bought books.readingThough it’s a long drive, I hope I’ll have occasion to read there again.  Three cheers for independent bookstores!