As I noted in a previous post, the city of Hong Kong with its harbor is on the north of Hong Kong Island.  A half hour trip by taxi or bus takes one to villages on the southern side of the island.  One of these is Shek O.  On the November Sunday we visited, the beach was busy, although swimming was forbidden; the shark net had been taken in for repairs.  The cans and flags you can just make out in this photo marked sections for a sand castle competition which had been held earlier in the day.shek o beach trimmed

We walked along a side street of the village and saw a variety of houses.  One looked traditional, but not very friendly.shek o classic house

Another shared its profusely blooming plants.shek o balcony

One up the hill was brilliantly painted, and the paint was brought out by the afternoon sun.shek o bright house trimmed

The way the side of the beach ran straight into the water reminded me that clusters of islands are peaks in a mountain range.  The same is true of the islands on the coast of Maine, although there the tides give the rocks a harder time – our place in Maine is 22 degrees of latitude north of Hong Kong.  That’s quite a difference.

Last Look at Shek O Beach

Last Look at Shek O Beach