I inventoried my storage closet recently and discovered that I have a huge box of copies of my first chapbook.  Accidents was published by Finishing Line Press in 2004.  I bought out their supply of the book because then I felt better about submitting again.  I think my second chapbook is even better than my first, but I’m still happy with the way the first came out.

The title refers to the small upsets of the domestic sphere.  I created the cover picture of a spilled coffee cup and tipped house plant to suggest those little crises.

I have already published one poem from this chapbook on this blog. “Decaf Please” on October 3.  Today I’m offering another example, the title piece, called “Accidents Will Happen.”

Accidents Will Happen

A spill on the stove.
Wiping up is holding action:
minimize the damage.

To empty the pot, replace
the cooktop is too much
lost: the moment.

Repair, reuse,
mend the frayed edges
of a day in tatters.

The world still rocks
on its axis like the cap
on a pressure cooker.

Yes there are days when I’ve felt like this.  Perhaps you have too.  There are twenty-one poems in the chapbook.  I am now offering copies of Accidents at $5.00 each, including postage.  Use the contact page to get my email and address.  They could make good Christmas gifts for your reading friends, and you won’t have to tell them about the bargain price.  Or you could boast about it at a $5.00 gift exchange event.