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The Biography

On June 9, 1897. John Emerson Roberts left the Unitarians to join the freethought movement, founding his own Sunday lecture program called “The Church of this World.”  In honor of the 120th anniversary of that event, I am offering two copies of John Emerson Roberts: Kansas City’s “Up-to-date” Freethought Preacher in a Goodreads Giveaway, now until June 9.

Here’s the link:


If you don’t win, you can buy a copy via the Books page here at http://www.freethoughtandmetaphor.com


Business Opportunity: What Business?

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Was it WordPress?  Somebody has put together blog names with the owner’s address and sold the list.  I am now receiving junk mail addressed to Freethoughtandmetaphor.com.  Sometimes the . is missing.

So far it’s about banking.  I can offer my employees a business American Express card.  I surely need a Square to “accept every way your customers want to pay. ” At first I wondered if the credit card company was behind this.  But why would a banking company offer such a list to their competitors?

I don’t know how many blogs actually represent businesses.  It’s only been a small percentage of what I’ve run across.  To me this seems to be an example of corporate-thinking overreach and waste.  Even the gremlins we picture lurking in our big social systems should have more sense than this!

I know a little about buying mailing lists from working for non-profits.  Somebody made some money selling what looks like a very unproductive list.  What made the buyers gullible?  People who need business credit cards can afford real websites, not WordPress blogs.

Is John Emerson Roberts becoming more relevant?


There has been a rise in visits to my face book page for John Emerson Roberts: Kansas City’s “Up-to-date” Freethought Preacher.  I’d like to think that there is a new yearning for JERBreason and its positive effects in the current political climate.  This is not to say that Roberts has any real answers for us.

In l898, Roberts said: ““Deeper upon enlightened minds grows the conviction that progress is the world’s supreme law. To contribute to that progress, to obey that law, is the cosmic business of everyone and of everything that is.”

He doesn’t tell us what to do about the fact that so many people are shirking this responsibility.

Many, of course, have not been trained for it.  I heard today that New Mexico now ranks 50th in education among the United States.  There is much work to be done.