The Big Snow

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It was only six inches, over a day and a night, but that’s a lot for our town.  Here’s a view of my back yard the first afternoon. snowfall682

Notice the bush to the left of the tree.  When the snow stopped the next afternoon, all the bushes had been buried.after snow689

The clothesline looked like a hammock. hammock685

Today, four days after the snow stopped, there is still snow on the mountains, showing that it has been quite cold. snowmountain691

We are comfortable indoors, but not quite snug.  The roofers began work on the day before Christmas Eve and have not been back.  I have emptied several gallons of snow melt leaking through vents from buckets and pans.  How quickly such things come to seem normal – as long as you remember to check the water levels.


Happy Solstice


Winters are usually comfortable here.  We have some ten hours of sunlight on our shortest day.  This year, this solstice/Christmas week, the temperatures are even rising into the 60s, but that’s not necessary for a lovely winter day. P1000680

One of the treats of the depth of winter, for me, is the way the low southern sun shines through the bushes while I am at my desk in the morning.  I have sometimes been caught off guard looking up, thinking I’m seeing flowers on a plant, the way the white spots are distributed.  It’s a delightful trick of the morning light.

May the lovely blooms you imagine this winter flower for you in 2016.

Poem on Line


I have a new poem on line.  It’s called “Spice Shelf” and can be found at: http://south85journal.com/issues/fall-winter-2015/poetry/spice-shelf/spiceshelf681

The poem began from a prompt: “begin with an ordinary object and see where it goes.”  Why the spice shelf came to mind, I don’t know.  When it did, I went to look at mine and had wonderful ideas about seeing the spices as dwellers in an apartment house, going in and out in yellow or green coats and keeping their passion inside.  Very little of this remained in the final poem as mundane but important matters of flavoring and feeding took over.  Spices offer a wonderful opportunity for naming colors.

South 85 Journal does a very elegant presentation of the few poems they choose for each “issue” on line.  I’m pleased to be among them.